Dear apartment seekers,

Thank you for your questions concerning our apartments. You’ll find our answers below.

What types of apartments do you offer and how expensive are they?

We offer three types of apartments in our block. Apartment sizes range from between 20 and 42 m². The smallest apartments (Twenty) are available from a warm-rent price of €563 per month, the mid-sized apartments (Thirty) from €710 per month, and the two-room apartments (Forty) from €926 per month. All warm-rent prices do not include Internet costs of €24 per month.

What is included in the warm-rent price?

All ancillary costs such as electricity, water, heating, and cleaning fees for communal areas are included in the above-mentioned warm rents. However, tenants are required to pay Internet costs of €24 per month.

Is Internet access also included in the fixed rental price?

No. Internet access is charged separately at a rate of €18 per month and apartment.

Will the price of rent change over the course of the contract?

Yes – graduated rent is agreed under the rental contract. Monthly rent increases by €10/month in the first year, €10/month in the second year, and €10/month in the third year.

How much is the deposit and are there any one-off costs?

As is common in other rental agreements, a deposit of three net cold-rent payments must be paid (the net cold rent is also presented in the rental agreement in addition to the warm rent). Processing and agency fees are of course not incurred.

Is there a minimum term or can the apartment be rented on a short-term basis?

The minimum term is 12 months. The rental agreement can then be terminated with a period of notice of three months.

Does the property have a phone and television connection?

A multimedia outlet for Internet and TV is provided by the network operator. The costs for providing the multimedia outlet are already included in the Internet fees. A separate phone connection is not provided.

How is the apartment furnished/equipped? Does the kitchen have tableware etc.?

An overview of the apartments’ furnishing is available here: [link to apartment description]. The apartments do not come with tableware/kitchen utensils included due to the individual preferences of residents.

How big is the bed in the apartment?

The box-type bed with slatted frame and mattress measures 0.9 m x 2 m.

Does the property have parking and bicycle stands?

The property has bicycle stands with adequate shelter and 64 parking spaces (available for a fee). Parking spaces are available for €25/month.

Am I safe at “The Twenty”?

Each apartment has its own intercom through which you can decide who can gain entry to the building. You can use the intercom to identify the person at the door. Furthermore, residents require a corresponding access card in order to gain access to the living areas.

Fire safety is another important matter to us. Each apartment is equipped with a modern fire detector which alerts the fire brigade directly and immediately should smoke develop in your apartment.

Can I have visitors at my apartment?

Third parties are not permitted to stay over on a permanent or regular basis. It is not a problem to have occasional visitors over (e.g. on the weekend) however.

When do I get my deposit back?

The facility manager usually takes care of the apartment handover. The condition of the apartment is assessed and the handover recorded. Your deposit will be returned in full if there are no complaints or issues. However, if your apartment requires some repair work, the costs involved will be deducted from the deposit.

Under the rental agreement, the deposit must be returned to the tenant within six months. However, we will of course endeavour to pay this back at an earlier date.

Who are my points of contact?

The team at Müller Merkle Immobilien is responsible for rental matters. Property management together with the facility manager are responsible for the apartment handover once the rental agreement has been signed. Contact details are provided in the rental agreement. Property management is also available to answer any questions you might have during the rental period and when giving notice.

We hope we’ve been able to answer your questions. Simply give us a call if you require further information!

Kind regards,

Your “The Twenty” rental team